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My mission is to reveal the inner beauty of wood with one-of-a-kind shapes that highlight natural characteristics often unseen.

Jeff Salter


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My History With Wood

Jeffery L. Salter


Jeff Salter has been creating beautiful hand turned artistic wooden pieces in his studio in Ann Arbor MI, since 1993. A woodworker since childhood, Jeff now turns for galleries and private collections in the Midwest. Inspired by the natural grain patterns of each piece of wood, Jeff creates the optimum shape to expose the normally unseen inner beauty. He invites you to caress each piece to truly experience the wonder of these unique creations.

Jeff harvests most of his wood from the Midwest area, primarily from trees that have fallen from severe weather, natural causes, or land development. Raw wood is carefully selected for its unusual characteristics, turned to a rough shape, allowed to dry for 3-9 months, then re-turned to final dimensions and finished. The domestic wood he uses is often complimented with accents of exotic wood to create a one-of-a-kind composition. Jeff finishes his works of art with lacquer, or a combination of non-toxic oils and wax. His pieces include bowls, boxes, urns, vessels, and spinning tops ranging from finger tip size up to 30” in diameter.



Turned Wood

I can center on a lathe and I can make the varnish shine

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